Film and Digital Photography by Gretchen Hayhurst

Film and Digital Photography by Gretchen Hayhurst

See through a different lens!


See through a different lens!


Pinhole Photography

This image was made at Trillium Lake, Oregon
More pinhole at Flickr in 'pinhole' album

Pinhole photography is made without a lens or a viewfinder. The exposures can be very long which gives pinhole images their unique characteristics. 

I use several different pinhole cameras in my work. 

Series work

This image was made with a Titan 4x5 pinhole.
Gas station series: on Flickr and wordpress

My photography can be series-based. 

At the present I am working on a series of abandoned gas stations, land use and deserted alley ways.

These images are all made using film.

still life

an old nut bowl taken with a Lensbaby lens.

I work on still life and food photography in my home studio using both film and digital cameras. 


Seattle Center.

I love to travel and enjoy documenting my adventures.


Poor Madison trying to remove the hood from her sweater.

I do both environmental and studio portraits using mostly natural light. 

I use both film and digital cameras in making portraits.

Alternative Printing

This is a platinum print of the gate into Lacock Abbey, England.

I am currently working on increasing my portfolio of platinum prints

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